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Название видео: Beyond секс
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This is a good place to start. While stress can contribute to ED, it can also signal the presence of more ominous medical conditions. But what TV commercials tend to leave out is that ED has an even darker side: It can herald cardiovascular trouble.

Furthermore, ED - defined as the inability to achieve or maintain erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse - is very common, affecting 40 percent of men older than 40 and 70 percent of those over 70. Yet relatively few men seek help for this. While anxiety, depression and stress can all contribute to ED - a condition known as psychogenic ED - it can also signal the presence of more ominous medical conditions, including pelvic trauma, nervous system disorders and diseased arteries.

The latter, known as vascular ED, is the most common nonpsychogenic form of ED. Complicating matters further, ED often stems from several factors, and determining the main driver can be challenging. For example, a history of sexual frustration caused by an underlying organic disorder can lead to feelings of anxiety in subsequent sexual encounters, fueling a vicious feedback loop.

Vascular ED stems from poor blood оральний секс миньет inside arteries that have been hardened and narrowed by the buildup of fat and calcium deposits - a condition known as atherosclerosis, the main culprit behind heart attacks and strokes.

Another cause of vascular ED is a condition known as endothelial dysfunction, which is marked by the inability of blood vessels to relax properly.

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